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1 March 2009

We named [and subtitled] our blog long before hope and change were popularized by the newly inaugurated US president. I’ve decided that “links” will try to incorporate our blog tagline: “a blog on little things in hope of big change” — or at least, I’ll try my best to make that work as often as I can. Here’s my first attempt:

According to Google Reader, there’s a blog on my list of which I read 100% of the postings.

In case anyone needs to buy a little something for someone, here’s a fabulous find.

Of all the things people could ask for, they just wanted two refrigerators.

“I hope you will remember us.”

I think this is big.

One of Aud’s favorite organizations has gotten a lot of attention lately; Kiva gives out “loans that change people’s lives.

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  1. 2 March 2009 5:38 am

    Thanks for mentioning my blog.

  2. ranunculae permalink
    2 March 2009 1:33 pm

    thanks for the link! hope to see you at the hive in june!

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