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20 June 2009

I came across A BLOG that portrays an in-Malawi example that characterizes my expected value for the one-laptop-per-child laptops.

Hans Rosling ON HIV: New facts and stunning data visuals, care of TED. I couldn’t find something in his talk I disagreed with, but I wondered his thoughts on male circumcision.

On the topic of male circumcision, Bill Gates made a not-so-LITTLE signal that he thinks male circumcision is an important HIV prevention strategy.

What THINGS should you pack in your bag when traveling to Africa? And how should you act so as not to embarrass the rest of us? White African has some good tips, as do a few of the folks commenting on his blog.

IN HOPES OF seeing this film when I get back to LA in July, I share the link so those of you in LA will buy tickets for the first few nights and that will convince the theatre to keep it running until I get there.

The outcome wouldn’t lead us to believe that there was BIG CHANGE in Iran, but I recommend at least looking at what Walter Mebane (UMichigan) tries to see in the data about electoral fraud.

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