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Crocodile Bread

29 June 2009
Crocodile Bread by Kathy Knowles

Crocodile Bread by Kathy Knowles

A friend has posted for the second time about Crocodile Bread, a children’s book by a Canadian author who visits Ghana twice a year, where she is supporting the efforts of village libraries.

From the Friends of African Villages Libraries (FAVL) blog:

We care immensely about literacy that is relevant to kids in villages- so we really try hard to have books that are developed for the African village audience, and much less attention is paid to shipping low priority book (my favorite example, bless them, is Berenstein Bears, which just don’t travel well). We have several programs that we are developing to be producing even more books like [Crocodile Bread]. We buy books in East Africa from Fountain Publishers and other local presses.

The work done by FAVL is thoughtful. You can support their work by donation or volunteering. I have yet to get my hands on a copy of Crocodile Bread, but I’m going to place an order when we land in LA.

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