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How does government spend our money?

21 October 2009

The International Budget Partnership posted a short documentary on creating awareness of the Kenyan Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and how it’s spent. Essentially, CDFs provide members of parliament (MPs) a fund to spend on development of their constituency (i.e. schools, clinics, etc.). A local activist organization, Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) is prominently featured as the group organizing and training citizens to research how the CDF is being spent and ask questions when there are discrepancies.

H/T: Owen Barder.

For those who want to learn more about the CDF in Kenya, there’s a decent introduction in this brief paper by a [Kenyan] economist at the University of Connecticut. The American Political Science Review recently featured an article [older, ungated version here] that used CDF data from India to measure the influence of voter attachment to parties on legislator effort, and ultimately, policy outcomes.

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