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nairobi-based journalist will return to DC

27 November 2009
Shashank Bengali

Shashank Bengali (image from his Twitter account)

I’m sad to see that Shashank Bengali, the Nairobi-based McClatchy correspondent, will be leaving Africa to move back to the US. Shashank’s reporting has been unlike other journalists with a stint on the continent; he is the one major-paper reporter whose work has never made me roll my eyes back and wonder whether they ever left the capital. Shashank kept a blog of his journeys in Africa, but as he ends his time in Nairobi, so too comes the end of the blog. McClatchy has no plans of replacing him in Nairobi, but as he says in his send off post:

So our Africa bureau is going dark. Other American newspapers, too, are closing bureaus on the continent or leaving postings unfilled. It is the unfortunate reality of the moment. But while nothing can quite replace independent, unbiased reporting by professional journalists, we must be honest that there’s no shortage of news out of Africa. Just glance at the blogroll to the right, or head over to Twitter, where a vibrant community of Africans and foreigners are reporting and debating everything from economics to soccer results to ICC cases.

On a lighter note, I wonder what will become of Shashank’s Obamarama catalog? I hope that he’ll continue to post any photos folks send his way.

Here are just a few of my favorite posts of his:

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