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The little country of Burundi had an election…

5 July 2010

…and it’s not really being reported on. At least we have Jina Moore to keep us informed:

Burundi held a local vote on May 24, after a three-day delay.  CENI said it wasn’t ready; opposition parties later wondered if it meant, “Wasn’t ready to pull off a smooth theft.”  People went to the polls; everyone agrees there were issues, including open air (or semi-public) balloting in some places.  CENI says the opposition waited too long to call the issues fraud.  “It’s as if the opposition parties woke up when the results were announced and said the vote had been stolen,” the CENI spokesman told me.  The EU team says there’s no proof the irregularities affected the outcome, which is technocrat’s way of saying, “Fraud?  No.”

…even if it’s unclear what is really going on:

Burundi is a country of suspicion, misdirection, and outright lying.  Burundians say they don’t know what’s really happening most of the time, but they have ways of finding a kind of truth between all stories.  There’s no way a white outsider with only passable French and a few refrains of Kirundi is going to figure it out – so don’t let us fool you.

Read the full post.

P.S. It’s not fair for me to say no one is reporting on it — because Jina did, in the Christian Science Monitor. (Albeit, that was before the most recent election.)

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