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Course web sites: African Politics; AIDS in Africa

30 September 2010

I haven’t blogged since the International AIDS Conference in July. Disappointing, I know… but this whole teaching thing really gets in the way of doing other stuff. Of course, I like it. A lot. At least most days.

I’m teaching two courses: an introductory course on African Politics and a special topics course on the Comparative Responses to AIDS in Africa. Though Texas A&M has software for developing course web sites, it is not intuitive (and they’re considering switching in a year, so I saw no point investing time in learning about something that might soon not exist), so I went with just creating simple sites for each class. Mostly, I’m posting music videos that I show each day in the African Politics course. But, I think the best part about the course sites are the mandatory weekly discussion posts. Those posts demonstrate not just that the students are reading, but that they’re thinking.

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