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More Morphine For Africa

3 October 2010

The Economist reports on Morphine in Africa, and how there needs to be more of it. I agree.

In Malawi, morphine is regulated (obviously: it’s a controlled substance in short supply). An employee whose wife was dying of cervical cancer was given a week’s supply of morphine. Thing was, she lived for three years after having received her terminal diagnosis. So for three years, someone in her family had to travel 45 minutes each way and wait in line at the district hospital pharmacy to get 7 pills. All while watching her die in incredible pain. I saw her just three days before her death (not knowing that it was her third-to-last day) and said that no one in the family would ever have to do that again; I would find a way to get the drugs so that no matter what, her caretaker wouldn’t have to spend half a day away from taking care of her.

H/T The Economist’s blog, Baobab.

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