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mbalimbali, best of 2010 issue

28 December 2010

Thanks to Africa Is a Country, I’ve gotten to learn about a lot of artists from Africa and the diaspora through their Music Break series. My favorite find of the year was Tinashé:

Award-winning series on how social scientists think. Though the year is over, the series will likely continue (at least, I promised @texasinafrica that I’d write a guest post on selection bias…).

Great new blog from an expat in Malawi. Though the tag line says scuba and research, the writer links to all sorts of interesting bits on politics in Malawi.

Another new blog came out this year, this one on stuff expat aid workers like. My favorite post thus far has been the one on drivers. (Probably because it hits close to home — I love Wyson!)

@itsjina pointed us to an update on the story of Little Bill Clinton, an 11-year-old refugee from the Great Lakes region of Africa who has resettled in Atlanta. Apparently, he’s a young soccer phenom.

There was lots of exciting news in the world of HIV prevention this year.

The “It Gets Better” campaign really moved me, especially the statement by Joel Burns. We have a long way to go for equality, but I am proud of our country for at least repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

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  1. 28 December 2010 7:43 am

    Thanks for the mention and thats a great song.

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