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a new year: a new look, approach, and commitment

1 January 2011
Photo Credit: mikecogh (CC License) 

I’m committing to writing more in 2011, including posts to haba na haba. To kick things off, I’ve updated the blog’s look a little. I’m also trying to focus my writing into fewer categories and with more structure. I’m committing to writing once a week a mbalimbali post, which includes a list of links that I found interesting in the previous week. I’ll also write at least once a month about an ongoing research project to share some preliminary findings, any fieldwork setbacks, and whatever minor victories I encounter along the way. Here is a sample of the research projects on my to-do list for 2011:

  • A new pilot project on ethnic identity and cooperation, with data collection slated for May in Mchinji, Malawi (with Peter Loewen)
  • Sudanese secession referendum election report (with Cameron Wimpy, who is currently collecting data in Sudan)
  • Research design for a cluster-randomized AIDS treatment intervention in Tanzania (with SIC, funded by 3ie)
  • Study of state response in Africa to clinical trials of male circumcision as protection against HIV (with Michelle Poulin and Lauren Gaydosh)
  • Short paper on how local recruitment of survey staff can be politically messy in a country with a history of ethnic competition
  • A new project on health priorities in Ghana (with Karen Grépin)

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