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mbalimbali: The post-Osama Bin Laden edition

10 May 2011

This blog largely features posts related to my research interests (African politics, HIV/AIDS, Malawi) and sometimes bits on academia… but allow me the latitude with this week’s mbalimbali to take a departure from the norm and share some links in the wake of Bin Laden’s death.

FBI's Bin Laden Wanted Poster

"Obama 1, Osama 0" by Dan Nguyen, shared via cc license on Flickr

Finally, a quote about the $25 million reward/bounty from the May 9th Press Briefing at the White House:

QUESTION: Does the President intend to make sure that the reward money for Osama bin Laden is given to someone who has helped find him?

MR. CARNEY: Let me step back. I mean, as far as I’m aware, no one knowledgably said, oh, Osama bin Laden is over here in Abbottabad at 5703 Green Avenue. (Laughter.) So I don’t think — my sense is that the requirement for any kind of reward is to say that, not to accidentally, through intelligence gathering, provide information that leads to the whereabouts of somebody like that.


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