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Resources from Malawi

23 July 2011

"Copycats Bureau" taken in Zomba, Malawi by John Duffell, shared via cc license.

Some of the best resources to learn about the current situation in Malawi are those created by Malawians. The mainstream media is bound to have a lag-time, and be constrained by lack of resources on the ground as well as space on the page. Also, non-Malawian blogs (perhaps even including this one!) might be mis-reporting, or just act as copycats of what Malawian reporters/bloggers/Tweeps are saying. Better to go to the source.

For reporting, I recommend Malawi’s major print daily, The Nation. For broadcast, I recommend opposition radio Zodiak, which has an online broadcast and also posts news stories to its web site.

To get access to public statements made by the government, there is an online archive of speeches that you can playback. For example, President Bingu wa Mutharika’s public lecture is posted there, as are his comments the day after the protests.


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