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More details for 17 August candlelight vigil/protest in Malawi

14 August 2011

Rafiq Hajat, one of the civil society organizers for the 48-hour candlelight vigil in Malawi scheduled for 17 August, posted more details on the upcoming protest to his Facebook Notes page:

Uniting to Resist Bad Economic and Democratic Governance – “Another Malawi Is Possible!”

This notice serves to inform all Malawians that, as a result of government’s failure to address concerns raised in our petition of 20th July 2011, Civil Society and various stakeholders have organized a country-wide vigil to demand immediate redress for our concerns. These nation-wide vigils will take place on Wednesday, the 17th August 2011.

Outline of the Vigils will be as follows:-


Assembly will be at the Old Town Hall in Victoria Avenue.

We are calling on all Malawians from Ndirande, Chilomoni, Chilobwe, Bangwe, Zingwangwa, Machinjiri, Mbayani, Chileka, Ludzu, Soche and all other areas to join the vigil on 17thAugust 2011.


Assembly will be from the Parliament roundabout to Capital Hotel roundabout extending to Civic Centre Offices.

We urge all Malawians from Area 25, Kawale, Biwi, Mchesi, Chitsapo, Area 23, 33, 49, 39, Bunda, Likuni, Mugona and all areas to join this peaceful vigil on 17th August 2011.


Assembly will be from Old Stage Coach roundabout to Civic offices roundabout.

We encourage all Malawians from Zolo Zolo, Katawa, Chiwanja, Mzilawayingwe, Chasefu, Chibavi, Chiputula, Mchenga Utuwa, Ekwendeni and all other Areas to join the peaceful vigil on 17th August 2011.


Assembly will be at the district assembly’s offices along Mkulichi road.

All other Districts

All district stakeholders will assemble at the district assemblies’ grounds.

Appeal: – We are appealing to all Malawians to put on anything RED (trousers t-shirts, caps, scarves or any red piece of cloth draped upon one’s person) on 17th August. All drivers are urged to hoot and, where possible, offer lifts to the venues.

All participating Malawians and well wishers are requested to come along with or provide food, drinks and water. Employers are urged to release all their workers including domestic servants for this noble cause.

Segments of the Vigil

1st Phase – 48 hours (2 days) within which the President is expected to address the concerns in the petition.

2nd Phase – Indefinite vigil until the President responds in a positively substantive manner.

Note: This is a peaceful vigil and we would appeal to all Malawians across the country to be DISCIPLINED at all times. We therefore urge the Police Service to protect the citizens and ensure that no live ammunition or any form of force is used.

Government, in particular, is urged to allow citizens to carry out these peaceful vigils without any constraint, harassment or impediment.

This is your chance to make a difference by being heard and counted on 17th August 2011.


Viva Democracy! Viva Struggle for Freedom!

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