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Headlines from today’s major print dailies in Malawi

16 August 2011

On the eve of what was supposed to be nation-wide vigil/protest, below are some of the headlines printed in Malawi’s two major newspapers today:

The Nation

  • Court fails to hear demos case (Blantyre High Court fails to hear/rule on injunction meant to block demonstrations on 17 August)
  • POLICE USED LETHAL FORCE – REPORT (Malawi Human Rights Commission released report on the injuries and deaths associated with 20 July protests, finding many suffered from bullet wounds).
  • Opposition endorses August 17 demos (7 of Malawi’s opposition parties officially endorsed the demonstrations and called on their supporters to take part)
  • Foreign businesses cut prices to clear stocks before August 17 (business owners afraid of potential looting offering discounts to reduce risk of losing their investments)

The Daily Times

  • EXPOSED | 15 die of gunshots, MHRC reveal (MHRC findings on demonstrations-related violence indicating that of the 19 people who died, 15 died of gunshot wound complications)
  • Lawyers tussle in court over demo injunction (late application for injunction against demonstrations will be heard 16 August)
  • Bingu canvasses for sympathy (President’s whistle-stop tour of the three major cities ended in Blantyre, where he urged people not to protest) — this article has an especially telling quote by the president regarding the people taking to the streets on 17 August:
Don’t let them intimidate you…in fact, when they come here  on the 17th August; surround and grab them and bring them to us; we will decide how to deal with them.
  • Opposition backs vigil (Malawi’s main opposition parties announce official support of the demonstrations/vigil).
  • Human Rights Watch asks Sadc to act on Mw demos
  • Social media spreads news of protest
  • Onus to respect human rights rests with govt (Editorial comment by TDT)
  • Aug 17 nationwide vigil | Chinese Embassy asks for investor protection (Chinese Embassy expresses concern about looting/safety of Chinese-owned businesses)
  • Survey reveals sharp climb in cost of living (based on monthly basic needs basket report by Centre for Social Concern for month of July)
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