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29 August 2011

"Campus Buildings" by Stuart Seeger, shared via cc license on Flickr

Fall is my favorite season. The first day of school is my favorite day of the year. It has been since I was a little girl unable to fall asleep the night before the first day of school in excited anticipation for all the new things I would learn and experience.

Of course, here in TX, it still feels like summer (triple digit heat!). That doesn’t change the fact that today is the first day of the fall semester. I’m scheduled to teach two courses this term: African Politics (undergrad), and Comparative Race and Ethnic Politics (grad).

I’ve got a blog going for the African Politics course. (There’s not much there, but you can see the end product by looking at last year’s blog.) I’m open to feedback on the syllabus, if you have any. I’m trying a few new things this year and will keep you posted on how it goes — even if it’s a miserable failure. Last year I was fortunate to have an amazing group of open-minded students, most studying Africa for the first time. I’m hopeful this group of Aggies will also be engaged with the material and excited to explore something new.

Happy Fall to All of You!

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  1. 29 August 2011 5:24 am

    today’s forecast: sunny with a high of 107.

  2. 4 September 2011 3:54 am

    quite a few topics you are covering! keep us posted on how it goes. how did you choose the case study countries? and what is Kiir doing at A&M?

    • 4 September 2011 6:11 am

      The case study countries were selected based on whether they are in Dowden’s book, and not already read in the syllabus.

      Kiir will hopefully be visiting to speak to some of his expatriate constituents and with some technical experts at A&M (on agricultural development).

      Will definitely keep you posted!

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