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9 November 2011

Sometimes when we have ideas about how to solve a problem, someone takes that idea or the thing created by that idea and alters the way(s) it can be used. Today’s example: a female condom used for anal sex between men. The abstract of the study, published in the most recent issue of the American Journal of Public Health:

We surveyed 111 male clients of an HIV/AIDS service organization in New York City in 2008 and 2009. Seventeen percent had used the female condom for anal intercourse; of these, 89.3% had used the female condom with male partners, 21.4% with female partners, and 10.7% with both. Users of the female condom for vaginal intercourse were more likely to use it for anal intercourse (odds ratio=12.7; 95% confidence interval=2.5, 64.9; P=.002). The safety and efficacy of the female condom for anal intercourse are unknown and should be evaluated.

Even if those who conceived of and designed the female condom didn’t explore how it might be used for anal sex, there already exist instructions online (the DC Department of Health web site no less!) and, apparently, at least one advocate has been promoting its use among men since the 1990s.

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