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PRIEC Junior Faculty Workshop

12 November 2011

Today I’m fortunate to be participating in the PRIEC Junior Faculty Workshop, organized by my colleague Francisco Pedraza. The format is very similar to the one we use at WGAPE and MGAPE in that papers are pre-circulated with the expectation that everyone arrives at the workshop having read the papers in advance. One major distinction, however, is Francisco’s arrangement of inviting senior scholars to act as discussants.

The papers have been really interesting. Though they are not publicly available, here is a list of the titles and authors:

Betina Cutaia Wilkinson – What Do They Really Think of Each Other? Perceptions of Closeness, Commonality and Competition Among Whites, Blacks and Latinos
Lauren Davenport – Identity Between Black and White: The Racial Labeling Decisions of Biracial Americans
Kim Yi Dionne – Ethnic Identity and Attitudes Toward Male Circumcision in a High-HIV Prevalence Country (co-authored work with Michelle Poulin)
Natalie Masuoka – It’s How You Picture It: Stereotyping, Framing and Attitudes about Immigration (co-authored work with Jane Junn)
Francisco Pedraza – One Size Fits All?: Re-examining the Link between Acculturation and Latino Immigration Policy Preferences
Efrén Pérez – How Race Can Color the Questions We Ask and the Inferences we Draw (co-authored work with Marc Hetherington)
Ali Valenzuela – From the Pulpit and in the Pews: Churchgoing and Religious Determinants of Latino Identity
Candis Watts-Smith – Who’s Black? Whose Black: Pan-Ethnic Identity and Diasporic Consciousness among African Americans and Black Immigrants

The workshop follows the PRIEC meeting that was held yesterday at TAMU.

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