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The online working paper debacle comes to an end and a fresh perspective on World AIDS Day

1 December 2011

A few months ago I posted about a publication acceptance that had been rescinded from the Bulletin of the WHO (BullWHO) because an earlier version of our paper was found on a web site as a working paper.

The bad news is there was no convincing the BullWHO to publish our article. We sent it to another journal (where it was rejected without review) and then to another journal, AIDS and Behavior (AIBE). In a complete change of fate, it was accepted at AIBE on first submission (there’s more to the story: one of the AIBE reviewers was apparently an original reviewer for the BullWHO, and gave us a thumbs up on the revisions we had made in response to his/her comments given during the BullWHO review).

The paper, “AIDS Exceptionalism: Another Constituency Heard From,” is now forthcoming at AIBE. It seems ironic that on the eve of World AIDS Day I’m sending you a link to a paper I’ve written that challenges our common narrative of AIDS in Africa as being a primary concern. But, I just report what’s in the data.

The OnlineFirst version of the paper (gated) is posted here. I’d send an ungated version, but such a thing no longer exists — see first paragraph above. 😉 Of course, if your institution does not allow you free access to the article, I’m happy to email you a copy. Just drop me a line.

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  1. 2 December 2011 4:25 pm

    YAY! Congrats!

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