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Alyssa Milano as the new Sally Struthers?

23 December 2011

I had to take a break from my blogging break to share what is probably not breaking news to those of you who regularly watch TV. This afternoon while wrapping presents to put under the tree, I kept hearing some commercial in the background of a woman, somber-voiced, saying that for just fifty cents a day, I could save a chid’s life. My first thought was: is Sally Struthers back on TV?

Maybe, but this commercial was by Alyssa Milano, former child star from “Who’s the Boss” and current UNICEF ambassador.

The video below isn’t the one I’ve seen multiple times on HGTV this afternoon (my mom is really into this Celebrity Christmas home decorating show), but it’s got the same general idea:

I’m not much of a fan of melodrama and I don’t think fifty cents will save a child’s life. But when I was a kid, I wished my name was cool like “Sam” or that my dad was Arnold Schwarzenegger (obviously, I’m not still enamored with such things). Did Milano actually watch these spots and give the OK? If yes, I can’t help but anoint her the new Sally Struthers.

If you’re jonesing for a charitable donation, might I suggest an alternative?

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