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WGAPE Spring Line-Up

16 April 2012

The papers selected for the first-ever national WGAPE meeting are:

1. Leonard Wantchekon and Omar Garcia-Ponce, NYU (Faculty plus Ph.D. student), The Institutional Legacy of African lndependence Movements

2. Jessica Gottlieb, Stanford Political Science (Ph.D. student), Do low voter expectations undermine government accountability? A field experiment in Mali

3. Jessica Hoel, Michigan Economics (Ph.D. student), Which Spouses Behave Strategically? Laboratory Evidence from Kenya and its Implications for Models of the Household

4. Jason Kerwin, Michigan Economics (Ph.D. student), “Rational Fatalism”: Non-monotonic choices in response to risk

5. Gwyneth McClendon, Princeton (Ph.D. student), Co –ethnicity and democratic governance, An Experiment with South African Politicians

6. Tristan Reed, Harvard University, Department of Economics (Ph.D. student), Chiefs

7. Kelly Zhang, Stanford Political Science (Ph.D. student), Increasing Citizen Demand for Good Government in Kenya

8. Brigitte Zimmerman, Clark Gibson et al. UCSD Political Science (Faculty plus Ph.D. student), Does Power Corrupt? The Effect of Holding Local Political Office in Zambia on Generalized Trust and Altruistic Reciprocity

I look forward to reading the papers and seeing new and old WGAPE friends in Berkeley late next month!

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