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congratulations Lynn Hancock

4 June 2012

A former undergraduate student of mine at UCLA, Lynn Hancock, has filed her MA thesis at the University of British Columbia. haba na haba readers might take interest given the subject matter and case selection. Lynn’s thesis, “Knowledge and Know-How: A New Model of Academic Freedom and Dissent in Non-Democratic States,” studies the relationship between the likelihood of an academic dissent movement and: (1) the level of legal protections for academics; (2) feelings of relative economic, social, and academic deprivation by university faculty; and (3) the social and scholarly prestige associated with the social sciences and humanities (SSaH) in comparison with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

She analyzes the cases of Malawi and Jordan and derives the expectation that Malawi is more likely to experience academic dissent (the struggle for academic freedom in Malawi in 2011 is consistent with her expectation). Below is a table copied from the thesis, which is available in its entirety online.

Congratulations, Lynn, on filing your MA thesis and good luck at Yale next year!

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