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some of my thoughts on Ebola, via the radio

7 August 2014

In two recent radio interviews, I spoke about my thoughts on the current Ebola outbreak and the response by governments and health organizations. The interviews were with local NPR stations in Columbus, Ohio and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The great thing about both of these programs is that they’re hour-long shows and they take their time covering topics. There’s no rush for quick and easy answers and so no pressure for “soundbite” material. 

The first interview was yesterday on the show All Sides with Ann Fisher (WOSU). I’m in the final segment of the show with a Peace Corps Volunteer who was just recently evacuated from Sierra Leone (starting roughly 37 minutes in). 

The second interview was this morning on the show The Daily Circuit (MPR). I’m in the throes of writing a post now that goes deeper into the issue of providing experimental treatment in West Africa — what I talk about in the very end of the interview with The Daily Circuit (starting circa minute 33).

Mostly, this blog post is for my mom, who wonders what I do especially when there are no classes to teach. Mom: I’m writing a book. And doing some interviews on radio stations you don’t have in Nevada.

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